Monday, 10 September 2018

After effect VFX visual effects course for beginners

create exciting visual effects for your videos


Are you one of those who want to impress your world by creating amazing and exciting videos with wonderful visual effects? Or are you going to start your career as a visual effects artiste… Or are you interested to learn more about after effect. If your answer is yes, Then you are at right place. I am here to help you.
Though this course doesn’t require any previous experience about after effect. But it is good if you have some basic knowledge of after effect interface. But if you don’t have, that’s okay, I have added a section for quick learning, so you are not going to be in trouble anymore. In that essential section, you will be familiar to all necessary things about after effect interface and workflow.
By learning all basic of visual effects, you will be able to move in your next level.
What you will learn?
Essential quick training about after effect interface/workflow
Cloning, rotoscoping, morphing, motion tracking, disintegration etc..
More tutorial and projects every month
This course is divided in different section. And every month, new content (tutorial) will be added.

Learn Urdu Vocabulary - Course for beginers

Essential vocabulary for beginners and intermediate – enrich your Urdu vocabulary for learning Urdu

Do you know the basics of Urdu language and grammar? And you must have limited number of words in your mind. So why can’t you enrich your vocabulary?
Here is it! Memorize a lot of the most common Urdu vocabulary and make your own custom sentences and use in your daily life.
What is inside?
  • Verbs
  • Birds/Animals
  • clothes
  • Name of the Parts of human body
  • Household articles
  • And much more

Learn Urdu Conversation Course

Most common Urdu sentences and conversations

To Study Urdu conversations in different topics… that is a very good idea to communicate easily with native Urdu/Hindi speakers in India and Pakistan.
If you ever have a chance to visit Pakistan or India, you must know how to communicate with those peoples. Otherwise you will get a lot of problems.
This course is a solution of your problems. You will find here a wide range of different topics for speaking in real life.
What is inside?
  • Most common Urdu speaking sentences from real daily life
  • Topic-related sentences
  • 20 Urdu conversations in different topics
  • Monthly Hangout with me – Live Class
  • Monthly Updating of Learning Stuff

Learn Urdu Grammar - Beginners course for English Speaker

Urdu Grammar for writing and speaking with simple examples 


Learning Urdu grammar is crucial. Because there are so many confusing and tricky things that you must know in Urdu language.
Urdu language is very different from English. Even its sentence structure is very different from English language.  
If you already learning Urdu from anywhere, and you don’t know grammar, there must be so many confusing question in your mind, and you must be thinking like that,
why is this; what is that; why is something there and why something is not here; I supposed to see this, but here is different, what’s all that crazy stuff in Urdu language, etc…
There are so many tricky parts in Urdu grammar. But If you able to learn Urdu grammar once, you can memorize Urdu vocabulary from anywhere or any resources according to your needs. And it would be so easier for you to use them in your Urdu writing and in your daily speaking life. It is just be so simple.
If you are learning Urdu…. Right now, you are taking so much to time to learn Urdu, but if you mastered the Urdu grammar, it would boost your learning speed. It’s like that you have achieved your half world/goal.
Learn Urdu Grammar in a Very Simple and Easiest Way
  • Learning Basic Sentence Structure
  • Pronoun, Verb, Gender, Singular/Plural
  • All Tenses with Simple Examples
  • Some Tricky parts of Urdu Grammar
  • Assignments and Exercises for Boosting your Skills
  • Monthly Hangout with me – Live Class
  • Monthly Updating of Learning Stuff

Saturday, 3 March 2018

English Dictionary of Idiomatic Expressions

Up to 1000 English Expressions:

Welcome to the English Dictionary of Idiomatic expressions.
In this book, you will learn English idioms, Phrasal verbs, Patterns, and Proverbs. Also, I have added some Spoken English phrases/Sentences that you can use in your daily life. For this, I have created a separate chapter for you. 

All expressions are created in alphabetical order. So you can easily find out the meaning of the word.
I hope this book will be helpful for you. And if you have any question, please feel free to ask me anytime.

ISBN: 978-1986170710
Price Paperback: $12.49
Price Kindle: $8.49