Sunday, 15 October 2017

1000 English Idioms and Phrases

American Idioms Dictionary with Conversation, Explanation and Examples

In this book, you would find 1000 English idioms and phrases with practical examples, dialogues or conversations and explanations.

In this version, I made many changes compare to previous version. Because, I rearranged all English idiomatic expressions in alphabetically order, so you can use this book like an American idioms dictionary. Also, you would find some illustrated pictures in some places. 

I tried to explain the English phrasal verbs and idioms in detail. You would know how to use them effectively. 

I picked up these common English expressions from sitcoms, movies, news, etc. Having learned these sayings, idioms and phrasal verbs, you would be able to understand movies, sitcoms, and news.

I hope this book would be a great book for intermediate and advanced level ESL (English as a second language) peoples.

ISBN: 978-1976333828
Pages: 464
Price Paperback: $29.99
Kindle Edition: $8.29

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