Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Mysterious Wel - Suspenseful Novel

A very scary, strange and suspenseful novel that would horrify you a lot

The mysterious well… a dry well… when it was tried to dig for water, they couldn’t…, a strange thing happened… then they tried to close, but failed… Why? This is a big mystery. The story of the person… How a little cheapest lamp changed his whole life into a luxurious life. The story of the person, that stole a little money and then… The very strange happenings started with him… The ghost was following him because he stole just a little thing. Why? What is that thing? Some invisible being was in his room but he could not see them. He was just feeling them.

ISBN: 978-1540327628
Pages: 100
Price Paperback: $11.49 
Kindle Edition: $2.99

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